The Woods Suite

by Cale Hawkins

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THE WOODS SUITE will be released in stages, beginning with the track "Walden" and ending with the track "Epitaph." A new song will come out every week for the next month, at which point the complete album will be available on both YouTube (with full video footage) and here on Bandcamp.

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THE WOODS SUITE was conceived over the period of a year, and completed in seven months' time. It was written during an intense year of voracious reading, ceaseless travel, empty pockets, and hard-learned lessons. Many of the ideas that inspired the suite surfaced while rediscovering the solemn beauty of upstate New York forests in Bemus Point, NY.

In September 2013, during a long summer of touring, fellow bandmate STEPHEN MAXWELL extended an invitation to record at The Farm in West Chester, PA (having just started the business with ERIC TAIT, JR). The Farm offered a perfect opportunity to record THE WOODS SUITE in its most natural setting – a Northeastern forest, secluded from the bustle and distractions of the city. Maxwell and Tait ran cables hundreds of feet out of The Farm to a nearby clearing in the woods. Two stereo mics were set up to record basic guitar and vocal tracks along with the ambience of the forest. Philadelphia videographer AIDAN UN filmed the entire first day of sessions for the suite's accompanying videos. All other sound was overdubbed during the following two days. Longtime friend PARKER McANNALLY mixed the work in Nashville, TN and new collaborator MATTHEW ATTICUS BERGER mastered the work in Los Angeles, CA.

Over a year and a half of jubilance, toil, headaches and elbow grease were put into this work. I humbly thank you for taking the time to listen to it, and read these accompanying words.

- Cale Hawkins
May 2014


released September 1, 2014

Produced by CALE HAWKINS

All songs written and performed by CALE HAWKINS

Engineered and recorded at The Farm in West Chester, PA by ERIC TAIT, JR.
Engineer assisted by STEPHEN MAXWELL
Filmed by AIDAN UN
Cover art and liner notes designed by CALE HAWKINS
Cover photography by KATA KOZMA



all rights reserved


Cale Hawkins New York

Cale Hawkins writes his songs in Brooklyn, NY. He is currently releasing two songs every two months.

He writes, produces, engineers and plays all the instruments except violin & cello on his songs.


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Track Name: Walden
Take a cut - a cut of your own time - to break a web and enter the woods. ‘You can't expect for no one to care, and you can't replace your friends’ - that's what they all say. Retract, leave me alone with my thoughts. This moment will pass. Like the leaves that fall from the trees, my path is before me - my footprints are all that I leave. Retract, leave me alone with my thoughts. This moment won't last. Retract, leave me alone with my thoughts. This moment will pass. As I walk upon the ground, I see between the trees the radiance of day, and it teaches me to see. The words that I had read are clearer now to me. There is more day to dawn, there is more day to see.
Track Name: Dreamer
Lost cause. For the sake of fighting, you pay to stay clear. Lost cause, based on bad aim. The base of pain is fear. It's gone, don't fight. (I was a dreamer too.) Move on, it's alright. (I was a dreamer too.) No will to try. (I was a dreamer too.) Black night, bled white. Must have been a way to sustain, a way to keep us here. A case of disdain, a face you can't name, closer than appears. (Don't you worry, I'm a dreamer.)
Track Name: Pay Me No Mind
Leave my words to linger in the air, just a remnant left to die. Understanding takes its time. Trace the waves upon my lover's mind. A subtle sign of love discarded, left behind. My soul is hurt, my limbs are tired/tied. I'll go my way, pay me no mind. Ask me how I am, I'll say, ‘Okay.’ The world is beautiful today, and there's no reason for dismay. Once I dreamt of having what I sought, but then those misconceptions dropped. You had your way with all my thoughts. Left me like a feather in the sky, the earth reclaims our lives. A graceful fall, a fading light. You'll go on to live another day, I'll clean the mess you swept away. I'll go my way, a man dismayed. I don't want to waste my time with you, I don't want to waste my time.
Track Name: Mistress
Unplugged the phone for an hour, to silence the waves that run through my brain, and I hoped that time would allow me the privilege to contemplate. A man on the street, as he sat at my feet, said we all run on time we don't have. So, I changed up my days in a myriad of ways to hide all the things that I lack. I'd like to believe that people are good, but I have trouble accepting that fact. It's a sick charade where lives are played like games on sheets of thin glass. Mistress of pain, why you play me this way, when it is clearly you I adore? You're just a face that I tried to replace in a sea of forgotten memories. I'm in a transitory period, but your words bring a smile to my face. Still, they won't replace the facts I have to face on my own instead.
Track Name: Epitaph
Let me go, let me go to the shore of my own existence, and feel the waves that crash upon me. Let me fall, let me fall like the leaves from the trees. 'Cause if it's destined to happen, if it happens then it's surely meant to be. If I change, if I change, it's my duty to be truthful. Truthfully, I don't know if it's for the best. If I think, if I think, then they'll surely want to end me, just like all that came before me. They'll just want to watch me bleed. Won't you bury me somewhere where I can breathe? Won't you carry me to somewhere out of reach?